Grammarly is a proofreading and plagiarism detection tool for checking if a document adheres to grammar rules.

Spelling and grammar mistakes make it difficult to read. Editing and proofreading are necessary after writing to improve readability. How effective is Grammarly in proofreading English?  You can say Grammarly is highly effective compared to other spell checkers for the following reasons.

Thorough without auto correct

Grammarly does not use auto-correct. It gives you a chance to check the text it highlights as potential mistakes and examples it provides on an information box for you to decide whether if you want to change.  You can access error cards that offer a link to a forum for posting questions if errors and correction alternatives are still perplexing.

Errors cards are more comprehensive than the word processors with nice explanation on grammar terms such as those about premium business writing services nouns or noun phrases that can rename a noun next to them (appositives). You can even find a professional proofreader to review and correct any confusing errors thus get a greater understanding of how you should have put your grammar.

Customization of written work

Grammar allows users to customize their check by selecting British or American English, writing genre and goals based on the following:

  • The intent, e.g., to describe, tell a story or inform
  • Style-formal or informal
  • Audience-general or expert
  • Domain –Academic business or technical
  • Emotion-Mild or strong

Customizing language helps to proofread words in the appropriate voice for the audience and of great help especially to writers of different audiences.

A section of document type enables Grammarly to scan the work in the context of a paper.  For example, it will not flag a sentence that starts with a sentence in an original document but will highlight it in the general mode as inappropriate for formal writing.  Grammarly makes conventional rulings to advise against contractions such as can’t or don’t. You can rely on Grammarly for checking grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes for all types of work. You can proofread all types of documents, blogs, email and social media posts.

 Provides a variety of word suggestions

Word suggestions on Grammarly help to improve word choice and enhance eloquence.   Since it does not use auto-correct, you can choose the most appropriate synonyms and disregard those that do not fit into the context. The program objects the use of plain English that writers frequently use for being too generic. It provides suggestions that make text to be unique. The grammar check presents the problem’s explanation when you click on grammar error.  You will click, and Grammarly identifies the possible solutions and reason for these mistakes.

  • Overuse of passive voice
  • Confusion with prepositions
  • Wordy sentences
  • Spelling errors
  • Repetitive words
  • Common grammar mistakes such as misplaced apostrophes
  • Lengthy Sentences

Swift grammar check

 You can check spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes quicker using Grammarly to complete the self-edit before your mind lapses.  You will get a readability score to know if the content is of a high standard and a word length. It is useful when you need to check a batch of work to ensure that the material is easy to read and accurate.

Grammarly premium is more comprehensive in proofreading than then free version. It will even pick and highlight plagiarism.