Different types of Jewish jewelry

There are many types of Jewish jewelry. The ancient Hamsa hand and the majestic Jewish Menorah are just a few examples of Jewish jewelry. Each piece is unique and filled with religious meaning. These unusual symbols have been the distinguishing marks of Jewish families throughout the Diaspora’s 2,000-year history.

Let’s begin with the Jewish Menorah. As it has been for almost 3 millennia, the Jewish Menorah is the most significant of all Jewish artifacts. It is therefore not surprising that the Menorah is now the official emblem of Israel’s modern State. Artistically, the Menorah can be described as a 7-branched candelabrum. This unusual geometry was revealed to Moses by fire at Mt. Sinai. This fiery design was realized several years later in the form of several gold Menorahs that stood as tall and lit the Temple’s inner chamber.

The Mezuzah is another well-known Jewish artifact. The Mezuzah, a Hebrew parchment, can be found at any Jewish home’s doorstep. The Mezuzah is placed inside a decorated box and fixed to the right side of the doorframe. A Mezuzah is said to be protective for the house and its inhabitants. The Mezuzah’s small size allows it to be given to loved ones as a gift at housewarming events.

The title of Jewish jewelry also covers other types of Jewish symbols, such as the Hamsa hand and the Star of David. These judaica webstore gifts, while precious in their spiritual meaning, can also be made from precious metals like real Sterling Silver, 24 Karat Gold or Pewter.

Hamsa means Arabic “five” and a Hamsa-hand is simply that: A talisman with five fingers in the form of a Hamsa. It protects the wearer against the Evil Eye curse, which is basically the force of jealousy and pride on one side and the other. Hamsa hands may be placed on the wall, wrapped around the ankle and wrist with bracelets, or on the chest using a necklace set.

The Star of David is another popular Jewish artifact. This symbol, also known by the Hexagram, is the official emblem of the House Of David who ruled over the ancient Israelites for hundreds upon years. Kabbalah teachings interpret the six-pointed Star as the point at which Heaven and Earth meet. It is also included in the flag of Israel.

Solomon, the son of King David was known for his magnificent signet ring. It was Solomon’s source of unnatural wisdom and allowed him to rule well for many decades. Kabbalah scholars deciphered the mystical drawings on Solomon’s rings, and it is now possible to wear Solomon-inspired talismans that look like the original inscriptions.