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For everyone wanting to see the capital of the Netherlands, there is so much to do. In the bustling city known as Amsterdam, you can easily lose your track in its goodness. Of all the things to do in Amsterdam, you do not have to be the unfortunate one to keep looking at the map all day long.  To provide you the best experience in Amsterdam, someone friendly and professional is waiting for you! You do not have to look for anyone anymore, as Trigger Tours is here to show you the best of Amsterdam in a very unique way.

Who we are?

We are a company specializing in private tours to Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands. Everything worth the attention of a tourist is covered in our tours. We provide you all the knowledge you need about this amazing city. We are providing private tours to Amsterdam for over ten years, and we have all the experience to allow you to spend quality time during your tour. We show you what is must to be done in Amsterdam in the most-friendly way. We provide family-friendly tours to families, and we can even show your family the Red light district in a serene way! Our private tours allow you to travel around the city like a Tours in the Netherlands, and see everything with a broader vision!

What is included in our tours?

Our customizable private tours are the best way to visit Amsterdam. We provide private tours to cover all the important places to visit in Amsterdam. There is not a single place in Amsterdam that our private tours don’t cover. Our tours are very friendly and hospitable, and we let you explore the city like a local. We provide private tours to single individuals or a group of people. Communication is not a problem as our tour guides are fluent in English, Dutch, and German, and they let you explore the city in a way that you cannot imagine!

More about our tours

While you may think of our private tours to be very strict, the opposite of it is true. In our tours, you can get to see the best of Amsterdam in the friendliest way! Our tour guides are very welcoming and fluent in English to provide the best communication experience. If you want to take some photos or want to stop by a gift shop to buy something for your loved ones, our guides are more than happy to let you do so. Our tour guides are not bossy, neither do they rush you through your private tour. We make sure that you feel happy and secure with our friendly tour guides, and get to see the best of Amsterdam city.

The tour goodies

With many positive reviews on TripAdvisor, we pledge to provide you the best experience to get a positive review from you! Our tour guides are more than welcome to show you the “Venice of the North”, so take your time and have a private tour to see Amsterdam the right way!

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