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How to Choose the Good Nightstool

Though the nightstool is small, you  have to use it every day. Therefore,it is very important to choose a good one. For a bad one may cause leakage, stoppage or not easy to clean problems. Melody Home shares you some experience about how to choose a good nightstool.

Normally, the heavier, the better

The common weigh for it is around 25 kilogram and 50 kilogram for the fine ones. The advanced nightstool is heavier as the temperature is very high when firing so that it I fully vitrified.

Ways to test: you may check the weight by the radiator cap. If the cap is heavy, so is the nightstool.

High temperature firing ones are better

The nightstool through firing by high temperature has lower water absorption and is not easy to absorb the polluted water as well as produce the offensive smell. On the contrary, the middle and low quality ones has high water absorption and easy to get dirty and hard to clean. Through a long period, it may fracture and leak water.

Ways to test:you may tap it. If the voice is hoarse and not clear and melodious, the product may has crack in it or not fire well.

Fittings decide the service life

The fittings between brand nightstool and common nightstool have huge difference in qualities. For almost every family go through the problem that the water does not come out, it is disgusting. Therefore, you should not neglect the fittings.

Ways to test: you may press the fittings to the bottom, if the button produces clear and melodious sound, it is perfect.

Nightstool should has the wash thoroughly function

Wash down type and the siphon wash down type have fine pollution discharge ability. But the noise is loud when pushing it. While the vortex type have to use lots of water though it has fine mute effect. The siphon wash down type has the perfect effect, as it can push the dirty quickly and can adjust the water.

More smooth with inner glazing

It is not easy to get dirty if with glazing inside and large blow off line. It can prevent the blocking. When choosing, you may put your hand into the nightstool mouth. Normally, the palm capacity is the best.


If you want to buy the intelligentnightstool, do not forget to install the power socket on the back of the nightstool. If your budget is not enough, you may buy the nightstool first and buy the intelligent nightstool seat afterwards. Click here to learn more.