Is aircon servicing essential services during the circuit breaker

Does Aircon provide basic services during the disconnection? If the air-conditioning service is stopped during the operation of the circuit breaker in Singapore, life can be very frustrating. In summer, Servicing Aircon Singapore plays a very important role. Need to provide air-conditioning for maintenance from time to time. During the operation of the circuit breaker, people cannot contact aviation services because they have stopped operating in accordance with government regulations.

MTI informed that all businesses in Singapore will be classified as basic and non-essential services. Basic products and services can be purchased during the circuit breaker, while non-basic services are excluded from the scope of purchase. OCM clearly stated that employers whose companies have been approved by MTI are considered essential service companies.

After careful inspection, it can be seen that the Aircon service is a non-essential service, and MTI has not completely exempted its service. Summer is here, now I need air conditioning service. In addition to houses, there are many offices and industries that regularly provide air-conditioning services in summer. MTI’s rules and regulations clearly state that air-conditioning services are not essential. Many people firmly believe that it is important in the summer and should be made to work.

Only when air-conditioning services are urgently needed due to non-essential services, professionals can be hired. Employers providing these services must apply to MTI for general exemptions. Only after submitting the application, the company can start the service, clearly stating the operating time and manpower requirements. Companies should follow social distancing and ensure that employees seeking external services take all necessary steps.

For safety reasons, some precautions should be taken when providing air conditioning services.

Before providing non-essential services, please obtain approval from MTI

Since the service is a non-essential category, the employer should apply to MTI for approval. Only after approval can the operation begin. The employer shall take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of employees at work.

Teaching staff social distancing

Before going to work, employees should be inspired by social distancing. First teach them the benefits of social isolation during these difficult times. Employees should ensure that they understand all required steps and are prepared to follow them.

Take steps to stop the spread of the community

Employers should ensure that all employees who go out to provide air-conditioning services take additional measures. These measures help prevent the spread of the community. Before sending employees to work, you need to perform temperature checks, especially in hotspots. Remember to minimize contact on the way to work and at work.

Provide employees with protective equipment

Service providers are at high risk when entering the market to provide services. At work, there are many opportunities to get in touch with all kinds of people. This contact can only be avoided by using suitable tools. To stay safe, they should be equipped with all necessary equipment, such as gloves, masks, protective devices and detergents.

The company should provide housing facilities to prevent employees from contracting the virus

Employers must ensure that appropriate housing facilities are provided for workers in accordance with government regulations. They are likely to be infected with the virus. If any employee is found to be affected due to work, the relevant government department should be notified. The only way out of the virus is isolation, so employers should ensure that proper shelters are provided for hygiene. They should also ensure that affected workers receive the right food from time to time.

Does Aircon provide basic services during the disconnection? – In summary

The enforcement of this circuit breaker period is for the benefit of Singaporeans. In view of this, all employers and employees should take the necessary steps mentioned by MOM and MTI. The Singapore government has taken these steps to ensure the safety of everyone and get rid of this situation immediately. As Singaporeans, everyone must abide by the rules and laws and be aware of other rules around them. In this difficult period, it is very necessary to take all precautions before starting work. According to the above rules, air-conditioning services can be provided to consumers throughout Singapore.