Coolest “Light Purple” Hair Colors Right Now

A light purple hair color is a subtle shade of purple that’s often blended with grey or even ash. This light, modern and quirky purple hue is now trending on social media. Without the lengthy coloring process, an enchanting color such as this would not be possible. Pre-lightening is a must because it’s unnatural. If not done properly, this could cause damage to your hair. 

At-home maintenance is crucial,you need to use color-safe, heat protector, and moisturizing products if you want your hair to stay healthy and vibrant. Trust me, purple hairstyles are worth it! For more inspiration, take a look at the gorgeous purple hairstyles worn by Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie.

Check out this photo gallery of  hair colors before you go to your next hair appointment!

Ombre Hair in Dark to Light Purple

This ombre technique will make it appear travel size toothpaste like the lighter violet hue is being poured onto your dark purple hair roots. If you are looking for a new look, ask your colorist about an ombre hair color that is dark to. This is a great upgrade for dark hair women.

Silver hair with purple streaks

Brunettes can have bright, vivid blonde hair in light plum purple. This hair color gives them a fun twist on their hair. Dark hair can be highlighted with deep plum purple highlights or softer violet tones. Contrasting with lighter skin tones, these grape purple tones are stunning.

Light Burgundy Purple

The unique light burgundy violet hair color will make everyone stop and stare at your beautiful locks. These red and warm purple tones look great on darker skin tones. They also allow women with dark hair to experiment using a lighter color. You will have a radiant glow thanks to the contrast between violet and burgundy colors.

Light pink and purple hair

You can experiment with pastel ombre hair colors in light pink or purple. It gives your hair a sunset look by blending smokey pastel purple hues and michael afton peachy pink tones. Multi-tonal hair color is fun and unique.

Highlights for Light Blue and Purple Hair

The perfect combination of cool pastel tones and light blue highlights gives the hair a cotton candy feel. Multifaceted and unique, deep blue streaks are interwoven with pastel purple and icy tones. Flat ironing will give your hair a funky, vibrant look that highlights the purple and vivid blue tones.