The Marvelous Moose Cups from Christmas Vacation: A Holiday Classic Revisited

Ah, the holidays! That magical time when traditions reign supreme. Some folks can’t help but binge-watch their favorite Christmas films year after year, while others have a festive recipe that marks the season’s arrival. But, hey, speaking of traditions, who could forget the iconic “moose cups from Christmas Vacation”? You know, those quirky, antler-adorned mugs that Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie toast with? Yeah, those! Let’s go on a yuletide journey and unearth the charm of these unforgettable props.

A Bit of Backstory

You’d be hard-pressed to find a film as culturally significant during the holidays as “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” It’s a laugh riot, sure, but what often stands out are the small details – and boy, do those moose cups fit the bill!

Origins in the Film

  • Scene-setter: Remember when Clark Griswold, our ever-optimistic protagonist, fills his moose mug with eggnog? It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment but adds a touch of eccentric charm to the movie.
  • Significance: The moose cups are a nod to Walley World, the fictional amusement park from the first Vacation movie. A lovely throwback, eh?

Why Have the Moose Cups Become Such a Hit?

A Symbol of Festive Quirkiness

In essence, the moose cups are a metaphor for the film itself: funny, unexpected, and delightfully off-kilter. They represent the zany charm of the Griswold family.

More than Just Prop

Over the years, the moose cups have transcended their on-screen presence. They’ve morphed into a cultural emblem of holiday fun and frivolity. You’ll see them at parties, as novelty gifts, or even as part of Christmas decor!

Moose Cups in Modern Culture

“Out with the old, in with the new”? Not quite! These mugs have firmly cemented their place in contemporary celebrations.

  • Collector’s Items: There’s a burgeoning market for original moose cups. They’re not just mugs; they’re a piece of cinematic history!
  • DIY Moose Mugs: The DIY brigade has taken a shine to crafting their versions. A bit of craftiness, and voila! Your homemade Christmas Vacation tribute is ready.


1. Where can I buy the moose cups from Christmas Vacation?
Numerous online retailers stock them, especially around the festive season. Just ensure you’re getting the real deal and not a knock-off.

2. Are they just for eggnog?
While eggnog is the drink of choice in the film, feel free to use them for any beverage. Hot chocolate in a moose mug, anyone?

3. What material are they made of?
The original moose cups in the movie appear to be made of glass, but replica versions can vary from glass to plastic.


So, what’s the hullabaloo about the moose cups from Christmas Vacation? It’s simple: they’re a symbol of joy, nostalgia, and the undeniable charm of the unexpected. Whether you’re a film aficionado or just someone who enjoys the odd chuckle, these mugs are a delightful nod to the magic of cinema and the warmth of the festive season. As you sip your drink from a moose mug this year, give a silent toast to the Griswolds and their enduring legacy. Cheers to traditions, both big and small!

What’s your favorite Christmas Vacation memory? Share it with us in the comments below!