Attractions in Italy

Italy is the most popular and most liked place for tourism. People love to visit Italy because of its beautiful landscapes, and diverse sceneries. It is considered to be the focus of all the tourists. Italy is famous for its delicious cuisine.


There are some of the places which you must visit when you are on a trip to Italy.

Roman Colosseum

Roman Colosseum is the center of attraction for tourists. It is the most visited Roman arena and was built in 80 AD. Animal fights were also used to be held in the colosseum on some specific events. There is also the Palentine Hill and Roman Forum near the colosseum. Some of the passages are closed for general tourists and only guided tours are avoided.

Pisa Tower

Pisa Tower is the most visited place and a well-known attraction. It is the most knows and the famous tower in world. Normally visitors don’t go to the top of the tower but if you want to climb up, there are 300 steps almost. The other monuments which are worth visiting includes marble cathedral and the Baptistery.

Pompeii City

It is the most ancient city in Italy. It has valleys, shops, temples and an arena. Once you are in Pompeii, you’ll never get bored.

The best time to visit Italy is in late autumn and spring. As in these months, visiting Italy would be less expensive for you. Other than this, in other months expect autumn and spring there is too much crowd and it becomes for the tourists to have full fun of their tour. You can avail the chance of travel insurance for Italy which will help you to cover costs. This insurance also provides extra benefits for the tours. But every provider has different policies for you.