Escape to Picturesque Bali for a Fun-Filled Holiday

If you love surfing and the beach, then Bali should be heaven for you. Bali is home to some of the most wondrous beaches you will ever see and the waves on the sea are a surfer’s dream. Visitors also enjoy a wide range of water sports and feast on sumptuous traditional delicacies.

If you are planning to spend a holiday in this glorious paradise, then there are some experiences that you must ensure to enjoy. You will leave the island with wonderful memories of endless beaches and warm days. You will find top-notch accommodation in 5-star hotels in Bali for a truly remarkable experience of the island’s many charms.

Apart from walking on the beaches and getting a nice tan going, make sure to indulge yourself in more of Bali’s attractions such as the following.

Must-Have Experiences in Bali

Apart from walking on the beaches and getting a nice tan going, make sure to indulge yourself in more of Bali’s attractions such as the following:

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

The Ubud Monkey Forest has more than 700 monkeys and over 186 species of trees. This would be a great place to explore as you watch the monkeys swing from tree to tree much like Tarzan. This is an experience especially nature lovers would find enthralling.

Book into a Luxury Resort

The Balinese are known to be very warm and friendly and there is nowhere better to experience this than in one of the luxury resorts peppering the island. You are guaranteed five-star comfort and as much privacy as you desire. If you would rather stay in one of the many five star hotels or in a villa, there are many to choose from.

Catch a Masquerade Ball

If you have never welcomed the New Year away from home, you need to try it in Bali. The Karma Beach Club holds an extraordinary New Year Eve party complete with a masquerade ball. You can wait patiently for the countdown over cocktails and canapés. This would be an experience to remember for a long time to come.

Jazz in Ubud

The New Year in Bali would not be spectacular enough without the many music festivals to welcome it. You could also opt for a quiet evening of jazz in Ubud for a tranquil evening for intimate conversation and wine.

The traditional dances are also something to see as well as the Latin dances. You will enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one here or a nice dinner with the family. It is not all about the beach and adventure.

Enjoy Cultural Performances in Sanur

Whether you are in Bali for the New Year festivities or you just came down for a nice holiday, you will want to take in the traditional performances at Sanur.  Neighborhood but on New Year’s its rhythm kicks up a notch or two.

There are cultural performances that include traditional dances, Gamelan music and masks.  The celebrations can go on all night and visitors and locals alike get to enjoy the glorious Bali sunrise as the day breaks. There are many bars and restaurants open all hours to keep you entertained and well-fed as you await the morning.

The Denpasar Festival

This festival has been celebrated annually for the last nine years.  The Denpasar which is held at the close of the year includes cultural performances as well as displays of art. It is the largest open space celebration in Bali and the locals look forward to it.

Visitors must get a taste of this festivity in order to have a feel of what makes Bali unique. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a few of the dance steps and to mingle with the locals. You will experience firsthand the captivating beauty and spirit of Bali.


Bali is the perfect escape for a much needed holiday after months of hard work. It is also an excellent getaway when you need to escape the wintry chill or ring in the New Year in a different way. Consider experiencing the culture and beauty of Bali as you relax and replenish your energy.