Get Away With These LGBTQ-Friendly Island Destinations

If you are looking for an island getaway that is off the beaten path but can still offer an LGBTQ-friendly atmosphere, you have more than just a few options available to you. For the classic retreat, consider Mykonos Island, known for food and fun. This Greek getaway mixes up world-renowned fine dining and a wild night life with its historic backdrop. The Elysium Hotel offers a tagline of “straight-friendly,” making it clear that their diverse guests are all welcome to come and play.

For a tropical environment, head to Saba, an island that measures five square miles in full. This small hidden gem in middle of the Caribbean offers plenty of outdoor activities set in a mostly untouched natural landscape due to the limited growth allowed here. The LGBTQ community is sizable, and same-sex couples are allowed to wed, making it the sole island in the region to do so.

For a bit of a mountainous feel mixed with the seclusion of an island, Salt Spring Island off of British Columbia offers rustic swirled with urban. The Gay and Lesbians of Salt Spring Island group, or GLOSSI, helps support a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you want to hike or explore the local arts, you can find plenty of activities here to keep you busy. Learn more about these island destinations as well as other LGBTQ-friendly travel treasures by clicking on the following infographic.