Is it bad to write about academic struggle in college essays?

A college essay should recount an interesting story about the writer who is applying for admission to a college as the main character.    Self-discussion gives meaning to the narrative as it reveals you to the reader which is the purpose of writing. The story and reflection both provide a window to showcase the strengths that make a suitable candidate who will benefit from the educational program and be of some value to the school.  It should portray a complete picture of the personality that makes you an ideal candidate.

 You should avoid the negatives including academic struggles unless it is essential. Writing about adverse matters could make the admissions staff think you as a liability for their school.

 Writing about the academic struggle in a college essay

 If the difficulty through your education at high school is too significant to ignore because it affected your grades, you can premium business writing services include it in the college essay.   You should write about it together with the cause such as a tough situation in the family or sickness. Provide genuine reasons that deserve an explanation in additional space that colleges provide for exceptional cases after the standard application.  Provide honest reasons that answer the possible questions by admissions. For instance, they might be curious to know the basis for a dip in grades and a reassurance that the challenge is under control thus it will not affect you in college.

Identify your goal and struggle.

 The first way of addressing your struggle is by a precise identification of the goal you were trying to achieve, the objective and hope. For instance, your goal could have been to get an A grade in sciences and qualify to join medical school and become a family doctor.

Now identify the setback that prevented or made it harder to achieve your objective. Tell how things did not run according to your plan briefly. Your story should have a beginning, middle and an end. Narrow down to a specific case such as faulty lab equipment or a sudden illness or family breaks up before an exam. Do not focus on general or too many struggles as may seem as they will overwhelm you in college.

 Show your lessons from experience.

Learning from a negative experience is essential information to include in a college essay. It demonstrates that you gained something that will help you in future studies. You can for example state that learnt to prepare early for exams so that any life challenges near the day will not affect your knowledge. You should also write about what you did as a result of the problem to overcome the issue. It could be that you redirected your energies to other papers and that is why you got a high overall grade but got a low grade in biology, a core subject for admission to nursing school.

Writing about personal struggles on any issue in a college essay is hard to pull off. You should not over share or unload extremely negative stuff because admission committees care more about finding students with qualifications and readiness for academic excellence.