Travel French Press

When it comes to traveling to the French press, I am ahead of the game. Since I drive, my secret Vegas move has been to bring my Travel French Press and an electric tea kettle with me. Instead of waiting in line to get a poor cup of coffee at five dollars a pop, I can just make a pot in my bedroom and go about my day.

The Travel French Press was my gateway to a better world. The simplicity of the French press is part of its appeal. Coffee and water are first mixed in a beaker. After that, the filter presses the grounds to the bottom. This leaves Risa Travel a large, bold cup of coffee. Its simplicity allows it to be used in all situations. As long as you have hot water, you will get top-quality coffee.

Now, I have three French presses: one large one at home, one medium at work and one that can be used with my camping gear travel fan. The French press is great for camping, as you can make great coffee just by heating up a kettle. There is nothing better than sipping coffee by the fire while the sun rises over the mountains.

The French press might be simpler. The travel press combines the mug and the coffee maker into one unit, so you can make your coffee from anywhere with just one device. This is a great idea that’s worth trying.

Travel French Press Detail

This is probably something you already know if you are reading this article. However, it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself. French presses are used to make coffee by infusion. Infuse coarse-ground coffee with near-boiling/boiling liquid in a beaker. The coffee grounds are trapped at the bottom of your pot by pressing a metal filter into the beaker. You should pour the coffee immediately into a cup for immediate consumption or into an insulated thermos to be used later.

Aero Press

Although the AeroPress isn’t the same as a French Press, the concepts are so similar that we included a portable AeroPress with this roundup. It works in a similar way to a French press upside-down: first, finely grind coffee and water are infused briefly in a cup. Next, you push a piston down from the top of the cup, pushing the coffee through a paper filter and into your mug.


Each Travel French Press brewed one cup of coffee using a 16:1 ratio of coffee to water. The first step was to add double the amount of coffee to the water. After 30 seconds, we stirred the water and then added the rest of the water. Finally, we pressed the beans. After brewing, we measured the temperature of the coffee and tasted it. After Travel Size Sunscreen brewing, we left the lid off for 30 minutes. We then tasted the coffee and again recorded the temperature. We then tasted the coffee and recorded any issues.