Unearth the Best of Spain with a Barcelona Wine Tour

Planning a trip to Spain? The beautiful city of Barcelona is a must for your itinerary. Filled with splendid architectural sights, museums, and extraordinary cuisine, you shouldn’t miss it. If you enjoy tasting good wines, just outside of Barcelona you’ll find incredible wine tours in Priorat that will make your visit to Spain exemplary.

The best Wine Tour Barcelona can be found in Priorat through Travel Priorat where you’ll have the chance to sip and savor the most famous wines in the region. Catalonia’s capital is the place for discovering the bliss of the Mediterranean climate surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery around. It’s truly the good life.

What makes this the best Barcelona Wine Tour is that Priorat is not that well-known to tourists yet. It’s a small pristine slice of Catalonia located in northeast Spain and is revered for wine production. The climate provides the perfect conditions for growth of varietals here. Along with a robust history, charming traditions, and cultural heritage, it is a splendid place to discover enotourism, cultural tourism, and creative arts. It gives you an authentic experience over more popularized locations, one in which you can enrich your life sip by sip, treasuring every moment of the experiences here.

With Travel Priorat, you can find a Barcelona Wine Tour that suits your needs. A one-day excursion is ideal for those who want to see and do it all while in Spain. Travel Priorat offers one that goes by bus from Barcelona every Thursday with an English-speaking guide, making it easy to discover this unique terroir and taste the wines there. You can also choose the one-day tour via train if you’d prefer for an even more beautiful sight-seeing experience. Both tours include a Catalonian-style meal with expertly-paired wine.

Prefer to explore Priorat longer? Travel Priorat offer a 2-day tour by train where you get to see the Carthusian monastery that once ruled the Priorat wine region for over six centuries followed by a wine tasting at Cellers de Scala-Dei. It also includes two Catalonian-style lunches with Priorat wine and five different wine tastings, all led by your English-speaking guide.

Go full luxury with the 2-day luxury wine tour of Priorat. This Barcelona Wine Tour gives you nothing but the best, including a one-night stay in the only 5-star hotel in Priorat. All meals are the epitome of luxury, paired with rare DOC wines from the top wineries in the region including Clos de l’Obac, Mas Doix, Clos Mogador. It’s pure luxury at every turn, complete with a private car and driver to allow you the maximum pleasure during your stay.

The spectacular Barcelona Wine Tours offered by Travel Priorat are the best around, giving you a chance to experience all the senses from sight to taste and beyond of this glorious wine region. When traveling to Spain, don’t miss out on seeing it before this best-kept secret of a hidden gem get out.