What are the school holidays for 2018?

The following information will vary according to which local authority the school is in and it is worth checking the website for the most accurate information.

February half term

This depends on your local authority but the February half term will take place either from Monday February 12-Friday February 16 or from Monday February 19-Friday February 23.

Easter holiday

This year Easter Sunday falls on April 1, so most schools will break up on the Friday before this weekend – Friday March 30 and the two-week break will end on Friday April 13, so children will return to school on Monday April 16.


School holidays: School term dates will vary between local authorities and schools

May half term

The Spring bank holiday falls on May 28, so the May half term break will be from Monday May 28 – Friday June 1, so children return to school on Monday June 4.

Summer holidays

The summer break usually lasts for six weeks, however the date children break up for the summer period really does vary greatly between schools.

Some schools break up on Friday July 20, while others may finish on Wednesday July 25.

Most children will probably return to school on Monday September 3.

School holidays Getty

School holidays: Many schoolchildren have returned to school already

October half term

The October half term will take place between Monday October 22 and Friday October 26, so children return to school on Monday October 29.