How to make your wine tour unforgettable?

Ask questions to make your wine tour memorable. Ask questions to gain knowledge and make the most out of your wine tour. A wine tour is the perfect way to learn about wine-making and wine-tasting. Ask your guide or sommelier questions about taste, body and aroma, color, etc. Margaret River is a popular destination for Couples Wine Tour looking to get married, honeymoon or simply for a weekend getaway. However, there are limited options for tours for two people. Because we operate medium-sized vehicles, our focus is on small groups and private tours. This allows us to keep the costs down.

It’s a great way of improving your experience by asking questions. Ask about pairings with specific foods and delicacies. This may help you plan your next meal. Some wineries even offer small samples of food, such as pastries, chocolates and cheese, to go with your wine.

Ask if they have any special wines that aren’t available to the public. Reader’s Digest reports that many wineries offer older wines that are not available for purchase at the winery for longer than a few months.

Do not be afraid to try new wines

Many people choose a particular type of wine. This can make it difficult to enjoy a wine tour.

Open to trying new things. Wine Spectator says that even wine aficionados can’t distinguish between reds and whites in a blind tasting test. Not just your favorite wines, but the wines that are most highly recommended by the vineyard.

Select the best wineries

Choose the finest wineries for an unforgettable experience. It is up to you to define what this means. You can decide where your priorities are. You can choose to focus on wineries that have the most beautiful scenery, wineries that produce the highest quality wines, or wineries that offer a cultural experience. Some wineries offer live music, historical tours, grand architecture, art exhibits and other activities.

When is the best time to visit wine country

We are often asked by people when is the best time of year to visit wine country. The answer is always Margaret River is an all year round destination.

Allow everyone the chance to relax and kick back

Let the stress go. For your wine tour, book a limousine service. A chauffeur will safely transport you and your guests to the vineyards.

It can be difficult to designate a single person as a safe driver. Wine tastings are about enjoying wine and not overindulging. However, it is possible to spend all day at wineries. You can all take part in the event by hiring a reliable limousine service.

Season of the Wine

Another important factor to consider when booking a wine tour is the Season of the Wine. While the most busy months for wineries are summer and autumn, these months also make the best months to arrange a wine tour. You will be able to see the harvest season if you choose September as your wine tour month. Winters are much more calm and wineries often close or limit their opening times during winter. It is best to inquire at the winery prior to planning a winter tour.

Wineries should be visited early

High season afternoons are when the wine tasting rooms are busiest. The staff rarely has the time to properly discuss the wines or show them. The winemaker is rarely available for more than a few moments during peak season and busy times. The best time to visit a winery is in the off-season, or during high season. Many wineries are closed on major holidays, and they have restricted hours during the off-season. It is important to check the timing of your visit to the winery before you go. To avoid crowds and grab the attention of both the winemaker as well as the staff, it is always a good idea to get to the winery early.