Five Vacations that Will Make You Fall in Love with Overnight Train Travel

There are miles and miles of natural scenery and you’re right there. Enjoy a comfortable seat in the front row to enjoy your ride! Overnight Train Travel The views are what many passengers consider the best part of the train journey and the reason they return time after time. Even though the views are amazing, they wouldn’t be as memorable without the laid-back pace and friendly vibe aboard, especially for long-distance overnight trains. You will have an unforgettable experience with the food, accommodations, staff, and friendliness of the staff. You can upgrade to a bed and breakfast if you travel for more than an overnight.

The five rail experiences below are as much about your train journey as about the wonderful destinations they take. Every vacation includes one or more overnights aboard the train so you can get to know life onboard. Every journey can begin and end at the station closest to your home, so you don’t have to make another trip just to get there.


Enjoy the scenic rail journey between Chicago and San Francisco that takes you through the beautiful great plains in the Midwest to the calm waters of California’s Pacific Coast. There is also a stop in Seattle. You will be able to enjoy the scenery as you travel along large portions of the Lewis and Clark trail. Enjoy a hop on, hop off sightseeing tour through Seattle. San Francisco is a city full of amazing sights. Spend quality time in Sausalito or Muir Woods. You’ll then return to “Windy City”, taking one of North America’s most beautiful train journeys. This trip takes you along some of the most picturesque Amtrak routes: through Montana forests, along the coasts of the Pacific, and through majestic Rocky Mountains.


On this 9-Day trip to the Grand Canyon, and the Parks of the Southwest, you will see spectacular scenery and landscapes. The beauty and rugged landscapes that make up the American Southwest are breathtaking. Enjoy the magical and inspiring geography of Grand Junction. Canyonlands. Arches. Canyonlands. Capitol Reef. Bryce Canyon. Zion. Lake Powell. There are stunning views everywhere, so you can spend a lifetime exploring these areas and still find something new every time.


Take a journey to three national parks in the United States. Amtrak offers the opportunity to see the best parts of the American West while you travel through the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and across the Rocky Mountains. Take a break to visit the amazing sites and wonders of Yellowstone National Park. Yosemite awaits, where you can enjoy all the natural splendor of this incredible national park. Grand Canyon National Park features unique combinations of geological shapes and colors that have been created over millions of year. There are many things to do in Grand Canyon National Park. You can hike the canyon rim or explore the canyon. You can also take a river trip or enjoy breathtaking aerial views from a helicopter. You will not soon forget this vacation!


Enjoy this rail vacation to explore two of America’s greatest national parks. The Heartland of America is a vast open landscape that you can travel by rail to reach Salt Lake City. Continue to Jackson Hole, where you can explore Grand Teton National Park with its amazing wildlife. The journey north will take you to Yellowstone National Park. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that has made Yellowstone National Park a popular destination for decades.


Relax, enjoy the USA Rail Experience, and take in Overnight Train Travel some of North America’s most stunning landscapes via rail. Amtrak’s Empire Builder will take you from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest, passing through Glacier National Park. Seattle’s most iconic sites, including the Space Needle observatory and Pike Place Market, are on your doorstep. Continue along the Pacific Coast until reaching the “City of Angels”. You’ll continue your journey and visit New Orleans. There are many activities available, including museums and art galleries as well as the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium, history and heritage tours. The next stop will be Washington, DC. Here you’ll find many museums, including Smithsonian museums, National Zoo, historic homes, gardens, and many other sightseeing options.

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