LEO’S Photography: Is one of the fastest-growing schools

LEO’S Photography is one of the Fastest-Growing Schools in Photography

Our family-owned business places a high priority on customer satisfaction. LEO’S Photography is a school-age photography company that has been providing high quality portraits for students for more than 90 years.

Our services are highly sought after and we use state-of-the-art equipment. Our fall season begins in August. We hire photographers for these positions. This job is seasonal, with peak times in the spring and fall. We require applicants to be available 100% during peak seasons. Additionally, we ask for personal appointments and engagements outside of busy seasons.

We need team members travel french press who can be flexible and willing to work around their busy schedules. Ability to entertain school-age children and their teachers with a genuine smile. A great listener, who can communicate clearly and effectively verbally as well as in writing. The right applicant will be a positive, enthusiastic, and able to work hard yours photography during peak seasons. They will also have the ability to communicate clearly with students and maintain a happy disposition, all while keeping their eyes on the team’s goals.

Your coworkers will soon feel like family to you. Our employees should feel valued. We offer competitive wages, even while on road trips or carpooling with leo’s photography. You don’t have to be shy or sleep in, so go to the competitor. Our one-week turnaround keeps us on our toes and ready for the next adventure.

A Typical Day in our Season Includes:

  • With a lead photographer, check in the day before you start your assignment.
  • You can either drive directly to school or carpool with your colleagues. There you will set up equipment and coordinate with the rest.
  • Assisting with the management and paperwork of the leo’s photography site, or photographing faculty and students.
  • You will need to return to the studio in order to turn in your job, and get ready for the next day.

Your experience and availability are key factors in determining your compensation. Our most valuable employees can work 100% from August to November, and again from February to June due to our short season. All equipment, training and reimbursement for mileage are provided. You can also rent company shirts to use on-site.

We are looking for outgoing people who enjoy entertaining children and can communicate with adults professionally. This position requires you to be technically competent and fast while still having fun behind the camera. It is essential to have reliable transportation and be able to work on a flexible schedule.

Experience in leo’s photography is not required. Although we will train the right person to become a photographer or photographer’s assistant, it is not necessary to have any previous experience. However, you will be considered for employment.