The Best Hotel Booking Sites to Visit

The sheer number of options can be overwhelming. And adding to the difficulty of making a confident choice, the landscape is in constant flux, with once-trusted names falling by the wayside as shiny new upstarts bring more robust technology and better user interfaces to the space.

For those who find themselves overwhelmed, or just need a refresher on the latest and greatest, Frommer’s newly released survey will help narrow the field.

Here’s how Frommer’s described the survey’s methodology: “In order to rank them, we ran all the major sites through a battery of tests to determine which found the most options and the lowest rates—both in various price categories and on specific hotels—in Boston, Rome, and Hong Kong.”

The alluded-to “battery of tests” appears to have been quite exhaustive. In reading the reviews of the listed sites, it’s clear that Frommer’s considered a host of variables, including the number of hotels and destinations covered, choice filters, sort options, success in locating the lowest price, and so on.

The result is a compilation of booking sites that includes some of the old standbys but also some sites that many travelers will be hearing about for the first time.

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