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How to be a travel agent at home

Making Money As A Travel Agent From Home

Are you interested in being a travel agent from home? Learn how to do so below.

Are you passionate about travel and want to help people have the perfect vacation? As more and more travelers use the Internet to book and research travel plans, more individuals are opting to work from home as a travel agent.

  • Five hours on average is the amount of time it takes to book a vacation without researching. On average, travel agents save clients an average of $452 dollars.
  • Baby Boomers love traveling – there are over 10,000 Americans who retire daily.
  • From 2019-2025, 67 new ships will join the seas from Japan.

In today’s economic climate, you have three options for becoming a home-based travel agent: start your own company, join a hosting agency or invest in a franchise. Each has its advantages and drawbacks.

If you choose to open an independent travel agency, you will be held accountable for creating and maintaining your website, marketing it, advertising it and managing the booking system. Furthermore, managing insurance costs must also be managed. Lastly, generating leads and overseeing overall business operations are your responsibilities.

Franchising offers home-based travel agents another route to success. Franchises require an initial investment, on top of other expenses, but they provide brand recognition, lead generation programs and proven systems for processing payments and bookings. It’s your decision who you anchor your company too – whether it succeeds or fails depending on who you choose! Speak to representatives from any travel franchises you’re considering joining; learn how commissions are paid out and what perks customers can enjoy by joining a larger chain.

Are you considering starting a home-based business but uncertain? There are several ways to get started before making any commitments. Christy Scannell had experience as an editor and writer before joining Dreams Vacations; having another source of income is essential when starting any travel agency. At eight years old, she has traveled the world planning amazing vacations for hundreds of clients.

“I am proud of how far my business has grown, but it wasn’t without a lot of hard work,” she noted. “Not everyone can put in that level of effort so their income won’t be as high – but they can still reach their financial objectives and lead a fulfilling lifestyle if they choose this franchise!”

What Qualifies a Dream Vacation Agent?

Here is all the information you need to become a home-based representative and how Dream Vacations investing can provide you with an exciting career path.

Are there still opportunities for home-based agents to travel in 2019/2020?

A strong economy has made traveling easier for travelers. Non-cruise travel sales increased by 30% over the past year and 38% of millennials used a trip agent within their last 12 months. 30% of cruise passengers will book through a travel agent in 2019, meaning 30 million passengers are expected to have taken vacation on board a cruise. Dream Vacations offers exclusive discounts and access to an expansive network of vendors so that you can help guide your clients toward selecting and booking their ideal vacation.

What makes Dream Vacations special, and how can the company assist you in reaching your goals?

World Travel Holdings’ Dream Vacations is the world’s leading cruise agency, having grown to over 1,400 franchise owners since 1992. They assist travelers in booking all aspects of travel – including cruises, hotel stays, all-inclusive vacations and air tickets – from home. Their agents don’t need a specific territory to sell travel worldwide and can work from home at no extra cost.

Dream Vacations provides its agents with a six-day initial training that introduces them and My Cruise Control to vendors. Subsequent training modules keep agents updated on both the booking system and what vendors have to offer.

Dream Vacations can provide leads if you’re searching for them. With its annual investment of $4 million into brand awareness and exclusive promotions, franchisees will gain plenty of recognition and website visitors. Franchisees also have access to hot leads searching for travel deals using other tools such as mobile websites, social media networks, and email marketing campaigns.

Travel Leaders Network’s partnership with Expedia offers customers exclusive pricing discounts. Agents who successfully complete an intensive training course can access American Express travel benefits, while customers have the option to redeem American Express points for travel with them.

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